Master Project 2015
Small changes make a big difference. That is my hypothesis and I would like to show that it is possible to live in a better coexistence and circumstance with animals. I am collecting interesting yet sad facts about animals living in Bremen, Germany. A few factors need to be changed to show a different lifestyle. Something like an alternative. And my job is to choose them and to find a smart way to visualize them. For example something like a prediction for one day with other conditions.
 What is the best way to convey those information?

This question results other questions, which are relevant for the way I visualize the information: 
how can I change the awareness of Bremen’s people regarding to animals?
What kind of changes are necessary to make Bremen a better place for animals?
How can both - animals and human - benefit from it?
What can people do with the information i’m going to offer and visualize?
Does it lead to changes? Is it necessary? What can we do with the answers?
The most annoying animals in Bremen might be the rats and the pigeons.
But what problems are caused by rats and pigeons? 
And how often do you see any rat in Bremen? And why is it forbidden to feed pigeons?
Which rare animals do we have in Bremen? What are we doing to not interfere with the habitat of the animals?
Have you ever wanted to know how many liters of milk a cow can produce in one year? 
The little villages around the city belongs to Bremen, are always consuming things which come from there. I want to show simple graphics which everybody can understand at one glance. It has to be simple and not too overloaded.

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